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Other Services

MaestroPanel Installation and Optimization Service 35$
which you can ensure the best restart and configuration of MaestroPanel. As a result of the zipping, your server works more stably.
Server Migration Service (Hourly) $50
These are the services which we offer to transfer your current server to MaestroPanel. Supported control panels. Plesk, Helm, Entrenix, cPanel, DirectAdmin, WebsitePanel
Server Troubleshooting and Optimization (Hourly) $40
The services that we provide such as restarting, repairing and making it stable when a damage occurs in your server are your services
Full Management and Maintenance Support $45/Month
MaestroPanel engineers give offer services such as monitoring your MaestroPanel employee server, following the updates, proactive troubleshooting and providing security.

Free Licenses

Make use of our free licenses which we make available to non-profit organizations, students, teachers, open source projects, education programs and communities.

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