Easily Provide Your Customers with VPN Service

Download PureVPN Module

What is it?

PureVPN module of MaestroPanel is a module which works at domain level and which allows service providers to provide their customers with VPN service effortlessly by using the PureVPN service.

By subscribing to PureVPN service at only the Reseller level with no need for infrastructure investment, you can offer the VPN service to your customers very fast with this module. Through this module, you can obtain White Label feature at the Service Provider level, high discount rate and many more advantages.


To use this module, you need to have the dealer rights of PureVPN service, credit to create user on the system and have your API access opened.

The MaestroPanel referenced address to use to subscribe is given below.



PureVPN module on MaestroPanel is pretty easy to use for the last user. Without any difference from the standard interface, you can directly create a new user and see the status of existing users.



It is possible to render VPN service as service provider with your own brand and user account. PureVPN Module of MaestroPanel connects to the system with the user which you typed in the settings field.


All Features

  • One-click VPN Software
  • Auto Connection
  • Auto Connection to Fastest Server
  • User Stop/Start
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Internet Switch Off Button
  • Advanced Secure VPN Mode
  • Change Password
  • Advanced NAT Firewall
  • Credit System
  • User Package Management


As a service provider, it is of crucial importance in terms of your establishment that you provide your users with value-added services. MaestroPanel right here comes into play and gets you out of the jam with the operation it carries out collectively with PureVPN service.

If you want to render a standard VPN service, you may face server, configuration, traffic, security and operation problems, stability problems may arise any time and your service quality may be interrupted. You can provide your customers with VPN service in a short time with no need for any infrastructure cost thanks to the PureVPN module of MaestroPanel.