Professional Services

Utilize our expertise on Web Hosting Components.



We love to develop systems, which provide solutions for your issues such as server automation, management, new service integrations, with our staff specialized on web hosting components.

We can develop our solutions both on Linux and on Windows. We can use Golang, Python on the side of Linux and C++, C# on the side of Windows.


It is a fact that we can code many software. We use this expertness in setting up of operation systems and service software. We deliver the software to you which you want it to be installed after optimizing and configuring according to the web hosting service.

We are able to conduct the installation of the best configuration of many services such as Windows, CentOS, Apache, Nginx, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Bind, PowerDNS, Ms DNS.


We can transfer your data in another control panel to MaestroPanel. We can do it without any problems, any data losses and without causing your customers notice it.

We support the control panels of Plesk 8,9,10,11,12 versions, Entrenix of Natro, Helm, WebsitePanel.

We can further transfer the MySQL, MSQL, IIS services between servers and make them work in a new server with the same configuration.

Server Management

Are there servers in your company requiring to be managed professionally? Don’t you have staff to handle the maintenance, monitoring and security of and be responsible for these servers?

As MaestroPanel we keep your servers working in maximum efficiency and take the best decisions to prevent business interruptions.


You are going to be astonished when you thoroughly find out what MaestroPanel can do. We prepared a tutorial which help you learn the MaestroPanel thoroughly and use it in the best way to improve your work.

The tutorial provided by the MaestroPanel development team covers an entire day. The tutorial date should be determined at least 15 days ago.

Technical Support

When you purchase MaestroPanel license, you also have our 1st level tech support. However, the scope and the utilities of this support are limited.

You can take advantage of the support packages created for certain types of technical support needs.


We have rendered our special services to many hosting companies, banks, colleges and various web agencies so far. Some of them are given below.

Nas Management Service (Radore A.Ş.)

We developed the management service software which enables Radore company to offer their NAS services effectively.

WMI Windows C# Rest
WebSync Tool, (Markum Ltd. Şti.)

We developed a software which transfers the web site files of the customers of Markum company in the most effective way and which works on many servers in a distributed way.

Golang Linux Windows Rest Ftp
Exchange Server 2013 External Gateway, (UzmanPosta)

We developed a layer which forces the internal mail communications among the customers, who are rendered Hosted Exchange service of Uzmanpost company, to a certain SMTP Gateway.

DevOps C# SMTP Transport Agent
Exchange Server 2013 Installation Service, (GigaVeri A.Ş.)

We configured the required infrastructure and MaestroPanel module for the Gigaveri company to offer Hosted Exchange service.

DevOps Setup Optimization
Exchange Server 2013 Cluster Installation, (Iksnet A.Ş.)

We set up the back-up mailbox with the DAG structure for the Hosted Exchange service of Xnet company and enabled it to be managed with MaestroPanel.

Setup Cluster HA
Exchange Server 2013 Transport Agent, A Bank

We developed a layer which enables the special work flow of the bank to work at the SMTP level of Exchange Server 2013.

C# Transport Agent
Exchange Server 2013 Spamassassin Integration, A Hosting Company

We developed a layer which provide Spamassassin support to a Exchange Server of a company offering Hosted Exchange.

C# Perl Spamassassin TCP Daemon
ColdFusion IIS Integration, A Hosting Company

We have developed an API service which automatizes the integrated working of Coldfusion server applications with IIS.

Cfml C# Rest Daemon IIS Windows
Roundcube Cloud Attachment, A Hosting Company

We developed the extension which downloads the e-mail attachments of the users while taking them in the Rouncube web mail software.

PHP Phyton Roundcube AWS Dovecot Linux
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